There are tons of online money making systems. Some are closed now and some are still running and we all have a question "Is it legit?"

We know about PTC and survey sites which promise to pay money by participating.
PTC sites have more attention by people because it is easy to earn and more people promote it. Here you do not pay to join and you see money grow. It is all slow but you can see how you are making money.
$0.002 - $0.2 per click.

Most PTC sites are available for all but survey sites are basically designed for specific people or local based. Where most of the members do not get any survey.

Make money by own files
Another way to earn money. This system gives you more money than any PTC sites. The concept is same someone has to click the ads and you share the link.

To make money here you need to upload your own files (text, ebook, mp3, images,....) and upload and then share the generated links to friends.

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